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ICAP participants currently consist of leading Internet infrastructure companies, application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players. Through the efforts of the Forum, these companies will work towards implementing a simple and elegant protocol.

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8e6 Technologies

"8e6 Technologies' X-Stop Internet access management products give ISPs and businesses the security and productivity insurance they seek to augment their business objectives. However, companies need additional means of enhancing their own offerings while securing their resources," said George Shih, Chief Technology Officer of 8e6 Technologies. "ICAP is a well designed protocol that provides customers with the enhanced services they desire without the hassle or expense of installing additional equipment."

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"AdaptiveMobile is emerging as a global leader in the fast rising Mobile Security Filtering market. This approach is the only truly effective method of ensuring protection against unauthorized, illegal and harmful material." said Brendan Dillion, CTO of AdaptiveMobile. "The ICAP initiative will allow us to continue our commitment to provide subscriber-centric, cross-bearer filtering solutions that rapidly secure the network, by enabling a faster, more responsive and capable filtering solution."

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To date, companies engaged in the creation of value-added services have had little success due to the existence of closed schemas and proprietary APIs that prevent the interoperation of third-party hardware platforms. By implementing this simple and elegant protocol, application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players will create an open platform for value-added services." - Akamai CTO.

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Aladdin Knowledge Systems

"Aladdin Knowledge System is proud to support the ICAP open standard with its eSafe Proactive Content Security System.", said Shimon Gruper, CTO of eSafe Business unit in Aladdin. "We recognize the growing need for easy implementation and integration of perimeter security solution within a complicated corporate infrastructure. We believe that the ICAP standard offers our customers a scalable solution that will enable them to easily implemented and managed the eSafe Proactive Content Security Systems."

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"Anystream joined ICAP because we are equally committed to open-standards as the best way for the industry to advance and mature," said Steve Geyer, Anystream vice president, Research and Development. "We developed our Agility EnterpriseTM Encoding Platform specifically to overcome the streaming media content production bottleneck caused by the multiple standards, proprietary programs and incompatible systems that characterize streaming technology today. Widespread adoption of ICAP gives encoding technologies like Agility Enterprise an increased capability in delivering the highest possible quality of streaming media to the end user."

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