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ICAP participants currently consist of leading Internet infrastructure companies, application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players. Through the efforts of the Forum, these companies will work towards implementing a simple and elegant protocol.

Digital Positions

Digital Positions is pleased to participate with the industry leaders in content management and distribution to define and develop tools that empower our clients to deliver fresh content reliably.

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Doctor Web

"Our development is focused on creating various AV solutions for many open-source platforms. We have invested our knowlege and efforts to create a fast and reliable solution for ICAP which makes it easier to manage the content and to keep the dangerous traffic away from the enterprise information resources. We have also contributed to the improvement of squid to assure an efficient anti-virus protection at the proxy level."

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"From the outset, Dolphian has directed its efforts towards designing high-performance, adaptable, configurable and versatile content filtering solutions based on the ICAP protocol. Dolphian has always believed that its solutions should be fully ICAP-compliant as this protocol is able to provide a common, open standard for Internet communications in handling value-added services. Dolphian endorses ICAP 1.0 for enhanced speed performance and greater control of web content filtering." Gabriel Gross, CEO of Dolphian.

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"As an industry leader, DoubleClick is focused on developing the Internet as the premier medium for the delivery of sophisticated, personalized content," said Dwight Merriman, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, DoubleClick Inc. "The ICAP initiative will add a new ability to scale these types of applications, allowing DoubleClick and its customers to reach more people with individualized content and applications."

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"The ICAP standard will help enable E-Color to maintain image quality and control for a variety of platforms using our True Internet Color technology," said Peter Bernard. "E-Color has a long history of promoting open standards in color management and we're excited about being involved in this new effort."

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