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ICAP participants currently consist of leading Internet infrastructure companies, application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players. Through the efforts of the Forum, these companies will work towards implementing a simple and elegant protocol.


"The ICAP initiative promises to improve the Internet infrastructure, further removing technical barriers that impede the development and realization of innovative ideas. As an e-business enabler, eBuilt designs and builds solutions that employ Internet technologies to deliver business value. An ICAP enriched Internet infrastructure provides a higher jumping-off-point for tomorrow's differentiators," said Joe Lindsay, CTO of eBuilt, Inc.

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Elma Electronic Trading

Elma Electronic Trading is an Electronic Commerce Service Provider specialized in B2B solutions. "Through ICAP, we are able to implement a modular and scalable dynamic web content infrastructure", said Veli-Pekka Juslin, CIO of Elma Electronic Trading. "It significantly enhances our ability to deliver a personalized user experience of the highest possible quality."

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"We're pleased to work with the wide range of technology leaders who have come together to develop open, standard protocols for application servers, such as Engage AdManager, to communicate with caches and content delivery servers at the edge of the network," said Dan Jaye, CTO for Engage. "ICAP has the potential to greatly simplify the deployment and management of enterprise-wide web applications for our customers. Through ICAP, our applications such as advertising insertion and usage reporting and analysis will be able to work with the caching infrastructure rather than trying to defeat it with 'cache-busting' techniques."

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"Ensim is focused on providing products and solutions that eliminate the complexities a service provider faces in building and operating a profitable hosting business. Ensim's motivation to join the ICAP forum is to create solutions based on open standards for the optimized hosting and provisioning of edge applications."

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Finjan Software

"Open standards such as ICAP create an environment that fosters creativity and technical progress," said Shlomo Touboul, president and CEO of Finjan Software. "Being a provider of proactive enterprise security solutions, Finjan supports the efforts of this forum as it attempts to create standards that will benefit us all in the technical community."

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