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ICAP participants currently consist of leading Internet infrastructure companies, application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players. Through the efforts of the Forum, these companies will work towards implementing a simple and elegant protocol.


"iCognito is a developer of leading-edge AI solutions for content recognition. PureSight for IAM is a revolutionary filtering and management tool." said CEO Guy Rubinstein. "ICAP will greatly improve the flow of content over networks and its imperative that we work together to realize the future."

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Idiom Technologies, Inc.

"ICAP has the potential to enable global distribution of content delivery and application services. As client and server implementations of ICAP become more widespread, it will enable device independence, global performance and local personalization on the Web. These advances will broaden both the scale and quality of access to the Web as its user base continues to expand. Companies will be able to provide their customers and prospects with a consistent Web experience -- regardless of where they are in the world," says Ken Shan, chief technology officer at Idiom, Inc.

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"Ingeniux is committed to extending the power of the Internet through ingenuity. We are interested to bring value to ICAP, an organization we see as dedicated to streamline efficiencies of information across the Internet, to remove barriers for emerging ideas and to provide the leverage of ingenuity from all resources combined. This would push the Internet to the next level. This type of initiative is one that benefits and is welcomed by all web users," said T. Cameron Jones, vice president, Corporate Marketing & Development, Ingeniux, Inc.

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Internet Technology Corp

Internet Technology Corp is proud to join the ICAP Forum and contribute to its success and adoption.

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InterRed GmbH

"Our content management system InterRed is completely based on standards. With this open technology our customers can adapt in an easy and quick way to the constantly changing internet environment.", said André Klahold, CEO at InterRed GmbH. "ICAP seems to be the 'missing link' between content management systems and a personalization that is based on a reliable standard."

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