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ICAP participants currently consist of leading Internet infrastructure companies, application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players. Through the efforts of the Forum, these companies will work towards implementing a simple and elegant protocol.

Ipedo, Inc.

"To deliver the new Web and wireless applications people are talking about, some important infrastructure changes are going to be needed," said Tim Matthews, President of Ipedo, Inc. "ICAP is important because it lays this new foundation to allow a faster, more responsive and personal online experience."

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"We look forward to participating in this consortium as a frequent consumer of anti-virus, data loss prevention and other services offered by experts who conform to the ICAP standard," said Jonathan Lampe, Ipswitch vice president of Product Management. "As a leading provider of file transfer solutions, the capabilities of the wider consortium allow us to better manage interactions, regardless of project size, scope or method of deployment."

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"The industry natural evolution towards portability along with the necessities of global eCommerce screams for open APIs in order to fulfill the opportunities. At IZAR.COM we are excited to be part of the ICAP initiative and we support an open standard which will enable effective deployment of personalized multilingual Internet content delivery for access anytime, in any language, anywhere around the world."

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"Our development is focused on creating Secure Internet Banking, E-commerce and protect kids & families from Internet's unwanted contents. We support all open-source platforms and attempts to create more efficent, more clean web. We belive that ICAP will answer many needs like URL checking, Translation, Globalization. It's a important step toward the true globalization of the Internet."

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Kanda Software

"All of our clients' applications generate pages on the fly and many are running into Internet's delivery bottlenecks. It's become abundantly clear to us that speeding up the delivery of dynamic content to a variety of Web devices holds tremendous potential and that I-CAP creates a path to fulfilling that potential," said Alex Karpovsky, President and Founder of Kanda Software, a leading integrator and developer of Web Content Management & Delivery Solutions. "We are pleased to be part of I-CAP and are looking forward to contributing our years of expertise in content management and delivery to help ensure that I-CAP's promise becomes a reality"

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