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ICAP participants currently consist of leading Internet infrastructure companies, application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players. Through the efforts of the Forum, these companies will work towards implementing a simple and elegant protocol.


"As an end-to-end provider of performance management services for eBusiness, Appliant supports the creation of a protocol that will improve the interoperability between proxy servers and other network devices," said Jamie Lomas, director, Product Marketing, Appliant, Inc.

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Arkoon's FAST360(r) range of high performance UTM appliances provide comprehensive protection for the information, communications, and infrastructure assets of enterprises worldwide. ICAP allows us to offer additional flexibility and choice to our customers, who can use ICAP to select complementary security services best adapted to their needs."

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We are excited by our introduction of ICAP support in our line of security proxies and traffic managers. With ICAP we will be able to offer our customers true seamless integration with content scanning technologies without introducing additional network complexity," says Lawrence Lu, Chief Technology Officer of ArrayNetworks. "Our tight integration of ICAP with a high performance proxy engine capable of performing SSL transactions will enable organizations to truly monitor what's on their network without any loss of performance."

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"BAJAI is committed to developing for and supporting the open standards such as the ICAP specification. We are pleased to be delivering the first cross-platform pornographic image scanning engine accessible via ICAP. By chaining several ICAP implementations together, end users can now select best-of-breed solutions that are tailored to their specific needs."

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bio alliance

"ADDynamics leads a revolutionary path in the field of online advertisement management and services. ADDynamics is built on solid business architecture and scalable technical infrastructure (utilizing the iCAP protocol-"Ad-injection") to provide an unparalleled solution to today's online advertisement limitations. ADDynamics would extend ISP reach, aid customer care and help advertisers achieve superior campaign results."

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