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ICAP participants currently consist of leading Internet infrastructure companies, application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players. Through the efforts of the Forum, these companies will work towards implementing a simple and elegant protocol.


"We're excited by the opportunity to join forces with other industry leaders in delivering a solution that will enhance the distribution of rich media streaming applications across the broadband Internet. Through ICAP, our technologies and solutions will enable end-to-end, constraint free streaming, of rich media over the Internet." said Yehuda Elmaliach, chief technology officer of Optibase. "Optibase is committed to contribute its expertise in the field of video and media streaming over networks to the success of the ICAP Forum initiative."

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"We are pleased to be part of this consortium, a first of its kind joint effort by all the key players in the caching space," said Thomas Kurian, Oracle vice president of e-Business. "Oracle expertise in this space coupled with support for open systems makes this effort compelling. This will enhance the performance and scalability of the Internet and content-rich web sites."

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Pearl Software

"Pearl Software provides software tools for Internet Monitoring, Filtering and Control. Products monitor and control all widely used forms of Internet communications in any Internet setup including those with multiple locations and remote users. Products integrate with Windows Domain architecture and support Citrix/Terminal Services, Remote Installation and Remote Administration."

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"PeerApp UltraBand broadband video platform enables ISP to manage the economics of delivery of Internet video to their subscribers. Our media-focused scalable content delivery architecture supports caching and acceleration of all forms of Internet video, including all flavors of HTTP Video and all major P2P protocols. The value-added content management solutions based on the open ICAP standard have emerged as an integral component of service providers' ecosystem, and we're excited to take part in the ICAP community. Our caching platform uniquely enables ICAP server applications to access all forms of broadband content."

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"phion is one of the leading European providers of communication protection solutions. With its netfence product portfolio, phion offers solutions that meet the highest standards of availability, security and management. phion netfence provides a comprehensive answer to all security-related issues, ranging from guarding the perimeter, networking branch offices via reliable and highly available connections, to protecting against malicious content and securing internal networks. All phion products feature centralised management and a very favourable TCO."

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