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ICAP participants currently consist of leading Internet infrastructure companies, application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players. Through the efforts of the Forum, these companies will work towards implementing a simple and elegant protocol.


SoftLink's B-Hub is an enterprise-scale turnkey solution designed to provide end-to-end file exchange. B-Hub supports the exchange of large numbers of files between an organization's internal users and external business partners." Miki George, SoftLink's CTO, states that SoftLink's tradition of ensuring product compliance for a variety of standards, platforms and protocols, was a contributing factor to implementing ICAP."

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"As Europe's leading anti-virus developer, Sophos has considerable experience at working with ISPs and ASPs to integrate anti-virus technology into their systems," said Graham Cluley, head of corporate communications for Sophos Anti-Virus. "Sophos is pleased to endorse the ICAP standard as it will further enable ISPs to offer their customers the world's best virus protection."

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Squid is an open source community project that develops and supports state-of-the-art web caching proxy software. Squid developers have built a popular, widely-deployed proxy with flexible configuration and advanced functionality, including ICAP support. Squid project members bring years of ICAP client development expertise and server compatibility experience to the ICAP Forum.

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"Symantec is supporting the ICAP specification with the Symantec Scan Engine, a TCP/IP server application implementing ICAP 1.0 that allows for the integration of Symantec's anti-virus, anti-spyware and URL filtering technologies into other network infrastructure applications and appliances. An open protocol like ICAP is allowing Symantec to extend its industry-leading anti-virus and content management technologies throughout the enterprise's network infrastructure," said Chuck Egress, Group Product Manager at Symantec Corporation.

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TeaLeaf Technology

"TeaLeaf Technology delivers groundbreaking capture, storage, and analysis technology that provides insight into how customers interact with a Web site" according to Robert Wenig, CEO. "We are excited to be part of the ICAP Forum to contribute to the development of open standards for internet capture."

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