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ICAP participants currently consist of leading Internet infrastructure companies, application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players. Through the efforts of the Forum, these companies will work towards implementing a simple and elegant protocol.

The Measurement Factory (ICAP Forum Co-Host)

"The Measurement Factory joined the Forum to provide participants with quality tools for testing ICAP implementations and to offer protocol compliance certification services. We hope to make the infamous 'be liberal in what you accept' rule irrelevant for ICAP. Rather, we want ICAP products to be 'correct in what they send'."

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Trend Micro

"Trend Micro is continuing in its commitment to provide comprehensive antivirus management and content security for the enterprise by leading the way in enabling enterprises to secure their web traffic effectively and efficiently. We are proud to be the first antivirus vendor to support ICAP 1.0, and will continue to work with ICAP industry leaders, like Blue Coat Systems and Network Appliance, to deliver world-class, scalable and high-performance virus protection", said Brian McElroy, Director of Global Alliances at Trend Micro Inc.

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"Vignette is focused on automating the customer's side of e-business interactions by removing all the anxiety and work associated with being an online customer," said Bill Daniel, Vignette's senior vice president of products. "The ICAP standard supports this principle by shortening the distance between e-businesses and their customers."

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WARP Solutions

WARP Solutions is the intelligent technology for internet performance. Our Dynamic Cache Accelerator appliance is the first non invasive appliance to accelerate the processing of application server dynamic content. WARP DCA leverages the clients existing cache investment to accelerate delivery of dynamic content typically produced from JSP and ASP processes.

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"As the world's leading Internet access management company, Websense has always been interested in facilitating the flow of information between the Web and the corporate end user," said Andy Meyer, VP of marketing for Websense, Inc. "We see the potential of ICAP—coupled with Websense-enabled proxies, caching engines and appliances—to greatly improve real-time data flow."

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