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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the industry-leading Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP). ICAP participants consist of leading Internet infrastructure companies, filter application partners, caching vendors, and content delivery players.

Who can become an ICAP Forum member?

  • ICAP Forum membership for corporates and vendors
    Becoming an ICAP participant is an important step in your company's collaborative effort toward improving the Internet and benefiting from it. Going forward, your ICAP input and development play an integral part in the growth of services for the array of applications in our marketplace and allow you to provide valuable services. ICAP participants are companies that are committed to ICAP, support ICAP in their products and/or deploy ICAP and are interested to promote the development of ICAP.
    Read about the benefits for corporate users in our FAQ.

  • ICAP Forum membership for individuals
    Individuals cannot become formal ICAP forum participants at this time. Still we invite interested individuals to register themselves in the ICAP forum email discussion list. As an open protocol, ICAP very much leverages from the interest, feedback and work of many individuals. Discussion about extensions, future versions and deployments of ICAP help others in the industry to successfully deploy their ICAP solutions.
    Read about the benefits for individual users in our FAQ.

How to become an ICAP Forum member?

To effect your ICAP participant status, please provide your company's logo, a quote, an area of application, as well as contact information; examples of participant quotes can be found on the ICAP participants page. Please contact us if you are interested to become an ICAP Forum member.

We are excited by your interest in the Forum!


Martin Stecher
President, ICAP Forum
Skyhigh Security